Colds, headaches, and cuts and bruises are a common occurrence for many people. It is advisable to stock a medical cabinet full of some of the essential medical items so that you can quickly treat any symptoms when required. This article takes a look at some of the most useful items to keep in your medical cabinet, and where you can purchase them from.


A thermometer will be able to check if you or any family members have a fever. Avoid using mercury-based thermometers, as they can be dangerous if broken. Nowadays there are plenty of safer options, including digital thermometers, that are able to accurately and quickly take a temperature.


Plasters, also known as band-aids, should be a staple in all medical cabinets. They can be used to protect small cuts on the skin, and help the wounds to heal quicker. You can purchase value packs which will contain a number of different shaped and sized plasters. There are also children’s plasters who have special designs on them.

Antiseptic Cream

Antiseptic cream is used for any breaks in the skin to ensure that it does not get infected. There are also antiseptic wipes available, which are handy to take with you on the go.


Painkillers can have a wide range of uses, including helping headaches, reducing pain from injuries or sickness, and helping with period pains. There is a large selection of painkillers available on the market. You can ask your pharmacist to recommend the best brand and type for your needs.


Antihistamines will help to calm down many different types of allergic reactions. They are also helpful for sufferers of hay fever.

Sore Throat Relievers

Sore throats are common, especially during the winter months. It is helpful to keep a selection of sore throat relievers, such as lozenges or sprays, in your medical cabinet.


Tissues always come in handy when you have a cold or just a runny nose. Keep mini-size packs in your medical cabinet, so that you can grab them as and when you need.

Another top tip is to remember to check the bottles and clear out any medicines as soon as they go off. Take the time to spring clean your medical cabinet several times a year. The same applies to any prescription medicine. If you did not finish a course of your prescription medicine, rather than placing them in your medicine cabinet you should throw them away immediately. The best way to dispose of them is to take them back to your pharmacy, who will be able to get rid of them in the correct manner, as flushing them down the toilet can cause harm to the environment.

The best place to purchase any of the above items is from a pharmacy. You can search for a pharmacy in your area by looking online. All major pharmacies will have a website which will list some of the products that they offer, their opening hours, location and contact details. Always remember to store any types of medical items away from the reach of young children.


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