Medical Alert Charms


A medical alert system charm is the apparatus that connects you to all the services of the medical alert system. It usually is a small pendant that has a visibly large button on it. It is worn for safety, not fashion. However, customizing you button can say a lot about you. It also can help you out in an emergency.

The first thing to realize is where to wear your medical alert charm. Most people chose the wrist or to wear it as a necklace. Many onlookers would suspect that it is just a normal piece of jewelry. It is wise to choose a necklace over a wristband.

With the charm as a necklace, it has better function ability. In any accident, it can be activated by either hand. With a wrist charm, you may not be able to activate it. Perhaps you fall on one of your hands and can not get it free to push the button. Maybe you have fallen onto the charm and cannot move to activate it. With a necklace, you have the opportunity to have both hands able to activate it. Also, men have the ability to hide a necklace under their shirt. A wristband may be a little harder to disguise.

Many people like to put the charm on a keychain or in a wallet or purse. This is a very bad idea. Take in mind how often you have your keys or wallet available to you once you are inside your house. You want to make sure the medical charm is always on your person. That way in the time of emergency, you do not have to search or move around in order to set off the medical alert system.

The size of the medical alert charm has advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the larger it is the harder it is to conceal. Stylish wise this is a disadvantage, but this cab also has an advantage. A bigger charm may alert a friend or onlooker to push the button in case of an emergency. Being able to see the charm could result in a quick response. Additionally, a bigger charm can have medical information engraved on it. You can engrave allergies, blood type, prescriptions, or medical history. Basically, any information that could aid in your recovery can be put on a bigger charm.

Now you do not want to neglect style completely. You focused on the function, so let’s focus on the fashion. Many people like to spruce up their charm with gold or silver. After all, since you will be wearing it all the time you may want it to look nice. It can actually show off your personality. Bright colors may also liven the charm up. Just make sure you check in advance to make sure these improvements to hider or defect the charm. Some of these personalizations are availed by the medical alert company. Some of them have to be done manually.

The charms are lightweight and very low maintenance is required to keep them running correctly. The charms are designed to help you out in your time of need. Having a medical alert system can save your life and be fun at the same time.

To recap, you should wear your charm as a necklace rather than a wristband. Make sure to keep it on yourself at all times. Wear a larger charm engraved with your medical information. Lastly, have fun with it while maintaining its functionality. The charm is going to be on you at all times. So follow these guidelines to make it your own.

Source by Brian C Halloran


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